Bespoke Cyber Security, tailored to your business

Easily visualise your vulnerabilities as they’re discovered in real-time with our bespoke cyber security reporting application.

World class Cyber Security Support – Book A Free Consultation To Get Started

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your security systems, improve your defences, and validate your security measures with our penetration testing services

Cloud Security

Review your cloud-based infrastructure with Byte Security Ltd before internet-based malicious attackers do. Stay safe, and stay secure.



Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials PLUS

Whether first time or renewing Cyber Essentials PLUS, we offer gap analysis and full support throughout engaging with Byte Security Ltd.


Free Cyber Security Consultation

Industry-leading cyber security technical support, professional services, and reporting

Byte Security not only provides cyber security consultancy services, we have also developed a unique business model that can be businesses have been crying out for.

Our bespoke business model delivering cyber security services to our clients provides trust and assurance that we can deliver the agreed scope without hidden fee’s or clauses in our contracts.

This bespoke offering can abolish having to pay extra for a retest which is costly and affect meeting deadlines, due to the obsolete business model most companies still use today.

Did you know

60% of small businesses never recover after a serious cyber attack?

Can you afford to be one of them?