A cloud configuration review service offering for popular cloud platforms became very popular during the pandemic. As a result, this offering is delivered as one of Byte Security’s service deliverables. We perform a cloud configuration review against popular security hardening standard frameworks, such as The Center for Internet Security – Foundational Cloud Security with CIS Benchmarks. We can also help to secure your businesses when making changes to your cloud environment as part of a wider project.

What will deliverables will you receive from Byte Security Ltd?

  • We will analyse our results and feedback any cloud configuration weaknesses, which are typically due to common misconfigurations within your organisation.
  • A Cloud Services Audit the industry benchmarks, such as the CIS Cloud benchmarks.
  • Remediation advice for identified vulnerabilities and security risks to protect your organisation, its data and its clients from a growing range of threats.

During the pandemic, organisations across the globe had to adopt to working from home. This meant some organisations were forced to move to Cloud services. Therefore, typical security measures and due diligence were not followed correctly. This was due to the pressures of trying to make their organisation functional on the internet. As a result, an increasingly complex cloud environment provides a wealth of opportunities for criminals to exploit, and few organisations have the knowledge and expertise to ensure they are secure.

For example, over the years, and even more so recently, there has been high-profile companies which have suffered a data breach through services within cloud environments. In some instances, one misconfiguration has exposed S3 buckets which resulted in sensitive data being publicly exposed.

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