Cyber Essentials PLUS Gap-Analysis

What is a Cyber Essentials PLUS?

Cyber Essentials PLUS is the physical audit, post self-assessment stage. Cyber Essentials PLUS is often mis-sold as 100% guarantee pass first time. How can a certification body guarantee this? Lets be 100% real here, no certification body can guarantee this, especially for companies experiencing Cyber Essentials PLUS for the first time.

A Cyber Essentials PLUS gap-analysis is becoming more sought after due to new companies entering the cyber space with little to no clue on how to secure their company from the ground up. A Cyber Essentials PLUS gap-analysis helps identify areas of concern via the five technical controls as outlined within the standard. Not only does Byte Security Ltd offer a Cyber Essentials PLUS gap-analysis, we also work with our clients to help implement parts of IASME Governance standard for free which can be mapped to ISO 27001.

What is an Enhanced Build Review?

Byte Security Ltd are a certification body delivering services on behalf of IASME Consortium including the popular Cyber Essentials PLUS. Byte Security Ltd promise to advise hardening techniques against your standard build but align within the Cyber Essentials PLUS standard.