Penetration Testing Services

Byte Security offers a range of penetration testing services which can be tailored to our client requirements. During initial consultation, we work closely with our clients to identify a scope of work and draft a proposal. Byte Security are offering 1-3 year contracts with discounts applied.

Build Reviews – Windows / Linux / MAC

Why should an organisation have a regular build review assessment? In short, we at Byte Security Ltd recognise that the ever-evolving threat landscape rapidly changes within the Cyber Industry. Furthermore, configuration to harden an operating system can be missed by IT staff due to not fully understanding risks unlike a security consultant.

Windows Breakouts

Byte Security Ltd understand that when small changes are made to existing systems, potentially this can lead to a full compromise of your host and potentially your network. Another example could be that a fresh Gold Build has been created, and a sign off is required prior to any updated releases. Whatever the reason is, Byte Security Ltd can work with you to achieve your goals and deadlines.

Technical Controls Assessment

Byte Security Ltd offers internal and external technical controls vulnerability assessments. We recognise that companies are fast paced and are required to adapt to change. Agile changes internally or externally could open the door for an attack vector, due to security controls being missed during a fast-paced deployment to meet required deadlines.

External Vulnerability Assessments

Due to the recent climate, more and more companies are changing the landscape which is shifting to working from home. Employees who work from home will potentially be using an untrusted network. Is there a new product deployed for remote home employees? We offer external vulnerability assessments tailored to your needs.

Web application – API Testing

Byte Security Ltd offers web application and API testing services. We understand that all applications are different within their own merit. For instance, there may be different user roles, upload functionalities, encryption analysis, security controls and much more required for an engagement. Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements in detail.

Network Firewall Reviews

Firewall review assessment can be performed as an additional add-on with our service ‘Internal Technical Controls and Vulnerability Assessments’ or as a standalone package. Byte Security can review all types of firewall configurations. Whether you require one network firewall configuration review or multiple, book a free consultation today.

What is Security Auditing?

A security audit is the umbrella term for many ways to achieve and ensure compliance with procedures, policies and other technical controls. For example, Cyber Essentials PLUS is a certification of compliance which is becoming increasingly popular as a minimum requirement for government contracts.