What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (aka pen testing or ethical hacking) is a process where in you authorise a cyber security professional to attempt to hack your organisation’s IT network infrastructure and applications by any means necessary. The penetration testing process will expose any weaknesses in your technology, systems and processes that could be exploited by a criminal.

Why is penetration testing important?

Penetration testing enables your business to identify any vulnerabilities and address them before a hacker does. It is recommended that organisations undergo a thorough penetration test at least once every 3-6 months – or sooner if the IT infrastructure is changed. The best way to stay on top of penetration testing is to take a out contract with a cyber security expert like Byte Security.

Secure your business with our complete range of penetration testing services

Byte Security offers a range of penetration testing services which can be tailored to our client requirements. During initial consultation, we work closely with our clients to identify a scope of work and draft a bespoke proposal

Operating System Enhanced Build Reviews

Operating system build reviews are very essential especially when reviewing and updating your gold build . Byte Security Ltd are a certification body delivering services on behalf of IASME Consortium including the popular Cyber Essentials PLUS. Byte Security Ltd promise to advise hardening techniques against your standard build but align within the Cyber Essentials PLUS standard.

Windows Breakout Penetration Testing

Restricted environments within your IT network infrastructure are a crucial part of any penetration testing process. Even the smallest changes to the existing systems can lead to a full compromise of your host and network. Byte Security can work with you to test these environments using Windows Breakouts to identify threats and achieve your security goals.

      Technical Controls Assessment

Byte Security Ltd offers internal and external technical controls vulnerability assessments. We recognise that companies are fast paced and are required to adapt to change. Agile changes internally or externally could open the door for an attack vector, due to security controls being missed during a fast-paced deployment to meet required deadlines.

External Vulnerability Assessments

With the recent rise in employees working remotely, more and more companies are exposed to untrusted and untested networks. We offer external vulnerability assessments tailored to your needs and working practices to ensure your business is secure no matter where your employees are based.

Web application & API Penetration Testing

Byte Security Ltd offers web application and API penetration testing services. We understand that all applications are different within their own merit. For instance, e-commerce sites present unique challenges with ordering and purchasing goods online, via PayPal or other bespoke payment solutions. 

Network Firewall Reviews

Firewall review assessment can be performed as an additional add-on with our service ‘Internal Technical Controls and Vulnerability Assessments’ or as a standalone package. Byte Security can review all types of firewall configurations. Whether you require one network firewall configuration review or multiple, book a free consultation today.

How does penetration testing work?

There are several stages involved in penetration testing, often classified into 5 key stages.


During the reconnaissance stage of the penetration testing process, we will gather as much information as we can about your business and systems to form a solid understanding of your current defences and security measures.


In the analysis stage, we will use the data gathered previously to identify any potential vulnerabilities and prioritise these for our cyber attack.

Gaining Access

Next, we’ll attempt to hack your systems by a variety of means to determine how easy it would be for a criminal to attack your business.

Maintaining Access

Once we have gained access, we’ll next assess how easily we can maintain access to your systems.

Covering Tracks

The final stage in the penetration test is to review how well your systems are able to identify and track a breach in the event it happens.

What are the benefits of penetration testing?

  • Identify vulnerabilities before criminals do
  • Proactively fix cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate risks to your business
  • Validate your security measures
  • Maintain high performance during security auditing

What is Security Auditing?

A security audit is the umbrella term for many ways to achieve and ensure compliance with procedures, policies and other technical controls. For example, Cyber Essentials PLUS is a certification of compliance which is becoming increasingly popular as a minimum requirement for government contracts.